Reins Tungsten Nail Sinkers

Reins Tungsten Nail Sinkers Picture

When it comes to weighting a lure, there is no other choice but reins tungsten nail sinkers to get the job done! In doing so, you can easily get the bait down to the "perfect" level where it has a chance to be consumed in one gulp! With its popular barbs, reins tungsten nail sinkers are sure to stay firmly in place throughout the cast.

Reins tungsten nail sinkers help you fine tune your baits, they are used on soft plastics or on wood plugs. Commonly, rein tungsten nail sinkers can be used in the nose of a worm to give you just the right action, or maybe you need to balance that frog or plus to swim just right.

Why Tungsten
Tungsten, with the density rages from 16.5 to 18.5, is widely used by more and more manufacturer in making reins nail sinkers. Reins tungsten nail sinkers have better penetration power compared with other materials made nail sinkers, such as lead, brass, est. Besides, reins tungsten nail sinkers are environment friendly, which is an important factor nowadays.